Medical Cannabis Doctors in Villa Park

Our mission is to make you a registered medical cannabis patient

A Mission Driven Staff

Our goal at Medical Cannabis Doctors in Villa Park is to make you a registered Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient, drive down the high cost associated with getting a card and provide education and awareness to providers and the public throughout the state of Illinois.


Pills VS Cannabis

 With years of experience, Advocates will match you to an on-site Physician who will assess your records, create a custom recovery plan that's right for you and Certify you for cannabis. Advocates understand the importance of educating you of the benefits of cannabis and its uses so that you can start to heal or transition from opioids to cannabis.


A No CoST Cannabis Education

We provide patients and Doctors with education on a variety of topics including, cooking, prepping, administering and uses of cannabis. Dosing guidelines and strain profile education. Doctor education consists of a hands on approach with our patients and staff. Physicians will learn up close how cannabis becomes a medicine in a state approved cultivation facility. Seminars, Clinic access and access to industry data are just some of the benefits of becoming an MCD Certified Physician. Our goal is to provide education so physicians and patients have a general understanding of cannabis as a medicine and to strengthen the physician and patient relationship.  




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